Finnish publishing house to release Iron Sky book in 2012

11 August, 2011 by IF

Press release from Iron Sky

The Finnish publishing house WSOYpro will release a book about Iron Sky and collaborative film making in April 2012. The book presents a new way to create films in collaboration with net communities. It will be written by the Iron Sky core team, which includes director Timo Vuorensola, producer Tero Kaukomaa, CGI producer Samuli Torssonen, community manager Jarmo Puskala and the head of social media Pekka Ollula. The book will be published in Finland and in international markets.


Iron Sky  and its predecessor Star Wreck are very interesting not only as movies but also in the way they are made. Crowd-sourcing is revolutionizing the way cultural products can be made, and in this sense it presents a new form of cultural democracy in our digital age”, says Juha Virkki, the director of the publishing house WSOYpro Docendo.

What makes Iron Sky a special kind of film is the active collaboration between filmmakers and the online audience. The fans ofIron Sky have been helping the filmmakers by creating content, doing PR and even funding the film. The upcoming book is aimed at everybody who is interested in the modern film business, and enterprising film students who are interested in collaborative movie making and rethinking the way films have been made for the last century.

The book will not be about Iron Sky only, but will also showcase other collaborative films and other projects, and the kind of thinking which is required in 21th century film making. The Internet is not the enemy, but an enormous resource and an efficient tool in every area of production.

“Due to the way filmmaking is taught, too many of the professionals of the field are oblivious to the whole Internet, and the importance of social media and online communities”, says the director of Iron Sky Timo Vuorensola. “We have been working on combining filmmaking and social media for over a decade, and now we are willing to share our experiences with other filmmakers.”

Fans of Iron Sky can take part in the book project by coming up with a good title, and posting it on the Iron Sky Facebook page ( or in the collaborative movie making service Wreckamovie ( The deadline for suggestions is Friday 12th of August, 2pm (GMT+2).