First Aus feature begins shooting on ARRI ALEXA

06 December, 2010 by IF

By Brendan Swift

Say Nothing is set to become the first Australian feature shot on ARRI's digital ALEXA camera this month.


The high-end cameras have been in strong demand among local camera rental shops since it was launched late this year and has been used on several TV commercials and short films.

However, Say Nothing, starring Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer, marks the first local feature film to use the camera, following international films including Martin Scorsese's Hugo Cabret and Roland Emmerich's Anonymous.

Cinematographer Jules O'Loughlin ACS (Sanctum) said the ARRI ALEXA is the finest digital motion picture camera he had used.

“After comparative tests against other digital formats, the ALEXA was the clear winner when it came to picture quality and functionality,” he said in a statement. “There is no doubt it's a game changer."

The ALEXA features the ARRI Alev III CMOS sensor, which is a full-frame 35mm size and it has a 3.5K pixel count. Say Nothing will also use the new ARRI Alura zoom lenses built by Fujinon.

Sydney’s Video Australasia has supplied the camera package while post house Cutting Edge has developed the pipeline from rushes processing through to 35mm film out.

Say Nothing is the directorial debut of actor Kieran Darcy-Smith, who also co-wrote the film with Felicity Price. The film is being produced by Angie Fielder. Filming begins on December 10.