Flinders University upgrades with new Sony HXR-NX3 camcorders

27 August, 2014 by Press Release

Recently Flinders University made a major upgrade of its existing tape-based Sony HVR-V1P camcorders by purchasing, from Sony dealer Pro AV Solutions in Adelaide, 15 new HXR-NX3 professional camcorders that feature three 1/2.8-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensors for outstanding image quality.

Flinders University lecturer and cinematographer Helen Carter explained, “We have purchased Sony cameras before and found them to be great teaching cameras. They also provide good preparation for students' future work outside of university. When we decided to replace our tape-based HVR-V1P, all of which despite their age were still in good working order, we discussed our options with Pro AV Solutions in Adelaide and the HXR-NX3 was deemed to be the most suitable for our requirements.”


The HXR-NX3 is a professional camcorder known for its excellent image quality. Dual media slots allow simultaneous or relay recording in AVCHD 2.0 (1080/50p) format. There is also a Slow & Quick Motion feature that achieves smooth 2x slow motion when recording at 25p or 50x quick motion when 1 frame per second is recorded in 50p. In addition to the 20x optical zoom, Clear Image Zoom with Super Resolution Technology provides an extended 40x zoom range with excellent clarity and detail and no effective pixel loss. A built-in LED light, WiFi/NFC remote control capability, and a larger 3.5-inch LCD panel for enhanced viewing are all standard on the HXR-NX3.

Carter continued, “The HXR-NX3 is a very affordable 3-chip pro camcorder and is relatively new. The camera’s Wi-Fi functions are also very good. With our new NX3s we can easily view camera data and therefore assess rushes. These cameras are also very easy to teach and make students likely to use Sony cameras in the future as a result.”

Students at Flinders University use the new HXR-NX3 camcorders to shoot short documentaries, dramas, TVCs and online projects. They are also used to shoot camera and sound exercises.

Helen Carter concluded, “The main function we like is the ability to access camera data after shooting. The menu is also straightforward to use. We are grateful for the help, service and information provided by Pro AV Solutions in Adelaide. Kym Rogers has been a great supporter of our staff and students over many years and I personally very much appreciate the time and knowledge he offers u