Foxtel announces the hosts of new series Aussie Pickers

10 December, 2012 by Emily Blatchford

The hosts for the new Australian series Aussie Pickers have today been announced by Foxtel.


 Lucas Callaghan and Adam McDonald, both long time pickers, have been chosen for the role.

Aussie Pickers was commissioned for Foxtel’s A&E channel after the American version, American Pickers, enjoyed enormous success.

The 8-part series follows two “pickers” who will scrounge around in the barnyards and forgotten corners of Australia, earning a living by restoring old relics to their former glory.

A&E General Manager, Jim Buchan said, “Lucas and Adam have impeccable expertise in their field and incredible chemistry as hosts. Aussie Pickers is as much about the personalities as the picks they find and we think our audience is going to fall in love with their down to earth, authentic charm. The US series American Pickers is one of our A&E channel’s most popular shows so to find a perfect Australian equivalent is tremendously exciting for everyone.

Callaghan was born into the picking industry and says his specialty lies in “unique objects from the postwar period” that he is able to restore and then sell for a profit. He once picked a 50c Cat in the Hat book for $18 000.

Callaghan operates his own shop in Sydney and is looking for even more stock to add to his already impressive collection.

McDonald discovered a passion for picking when he helped a friend working at an auction house. This led to ten years working as an auctioneer at Lawsons Auction House in Annandale, selling around 250 items per week.

His most profitable pick was a $3 bus conductors ticket book he was able to sell for $2 750.

Shine Australia, CEO Mark Fennessy said, “We look forward to introducing the public to Adam and Lucas – two great mates and amazing characters who make a living turning other people's trash into treasure – who, without doubt, are Australia's best pickers."

Also joining the Aussie Pickers team as resident auctioneer is Cecily Hardy – the very friend who sparked McDonald’s passion for picking all that time ago.

Hardy has grown up in a family of auctioneers and collectors and became the youngest female furniture auctioneer in Sydney at age 21.

Aussie Pickers is produced by Shine Australia for Foxtel’s A&E and will hit Australian screens in 2013.