Foxtel has commissioned new series Building Australia, which will be hosted by John Doyle.

The six-episode series, which will premiere on The History Channel in July, will explore the history of the Australian house in all of its incarnations, from the terrace to the Queenslander, homestead, Federation, the weekender and the classic suburban house.

Doyle is an actor, comedian and screenwriterwho is best-known as Roy Slaven of Roy and HG fame.

“What I really like about Building Australia is that rather than exploring history through monumental buildings, it tells us who we were and who we are through the hidden history of houses," he said in a statement. "The series will reflect how people live, and have lived, in many parts of the country. This is the story of how we have built so much more than just a roof over our heads – we’ve built Australia.”

Doyle will share his observations and conversations with a range of experts, enthusiasts and home owners in the series.

Building Australia is being produced by Michael Tear and Harriet Pike at Bearcage, in association with Screen Australia and with the support of the Australian Council of National Trusts.

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  1. What does it take to get Foxtel OR a Network to commission a show? I’ve pitched NUMEROUS times to networks only to have the door slammed shut!! And then…there was ‘Celebrity Splash”?? Come on Network Execs…there are WAY better show ideas out there. I just need someone to actually LISTEN!!

  2. Hi is there a second series of building australia going to be made????
    I absolutely loved this show !!!!!!!!!

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