Foxtel implements Dubsat Syndicate to streamline workflow

24 November, 2011 by IF

Press release from Well Above

Dubsat today announced that it has fully implemented Dubsat Syndicate, its new broadcast media management software application, into FOXTEL’s day-to-day TVC workflow. Dubsat Syndicate enables FOXTEL to streamline its traditional, complex workflow requirements with media agencies MCN and Ignite Media Brands and take advantage of their modern broadcast environment.


Dubsat Syndicate is a new, fully integrated, cloud-based service, which automates and streamlines advertiser, media agency and broadcaster workflows, approvals and delivery of TVCs. This removes the need for any manual intervention or re-keying of data and improves business-to-business communication.

Grant Schuetrumpf, Dubsat CEO, said, “FOXTEL came to us with the challenge of developing and implementing an accessible way to handle TVC file transfers that would simultaneously involve their media agencies and broadcast channels. We met that challenge with Dubsat Syndicate, a new cloud-based service that encompasses airtime management confirmations with file-based material delivery through syndication. Essentially, this allows TVCs to be spilt and made accessible to their respective media agencies and broadcast channels much earlier in the delivery process leading to better management and TVC fulfillment.”

Dubsat Syndicate was developed in close collaboration with FOXTEL, MCN and Ignite Media Brands, who each contributed hands-on situations and experiences to ensure Dubsat Syndicate met each of the businesses requirements in the TVC booking confirmation and delivery workflow.

Adam Larter, Dubsat CTO, said, “Dubsat Syndicate now allows media agencies to access and manage their own material, whilst maintaining privacy and end-to-end data integrity. From a user perspective, Dubsat Syndicate is a fully customised, easy-to-install software application for the desktop synchronised with Dubsat’s cloud services. It incorporates full-screen proxy replay and storyboarding of each TVC and allows for the allocation of internal house numbers to be made available across all channel partners, automating a previously manual process. In saying this, Dubsat Syndicate is customisable for any broadcaster’s specific situation needing to provide access to their media agency before each TVC on-air date.”

Dubsat Syndicate also offers high quality transcoding in any format tailored to the specifications of broadcasters and ‘push and pull’ delivery models which cater for the specific requirements of a diverse range of media receive sites.

Grant Schuetrumpf concluded: “Dubsat Syndicate is a key component of Dubsat’s Digital Media Platform strategy, which is focused on continual R&D to deliver innovative, digital workflow tools and solutions for media agencies, advertising agencies, production companies, broadcasters and publishers who need to access and manage advertising and entertainment content.”

Other key features of Dubsat Syndicate include:
• In-built workflow checks and balances, ensuring a high level of security when accessed by multiple stakeholders
• High-speed turnaround to meet tight airtime deadlines
• Fully automated file-based hand-off provides a controlled process and removes the necessity for manual intervention