Dayne Pratsky, aka Frackman, has become a social sensation with more than 1 million people viewing the trailer for the documentary telling the story of his fight against the coal seam gas companies.

The Frackman trailer was posted online about two weeks ago and has gone on to clock up more 1 million views on Facebook.

The 90-minute documentary directed by Richard Todd tells the story of Dayne’s fight to have coal seam gas removed from his land, and the farmers and landholders he meets along the way.

“I was a roo shooting, pig hunting kind of bloke. I’m the most unlikely environmentalist in the world,” he said.

 “But when they force their way onto your land and destroy your community, you have no choice but to fight back.”

The Frackman documentary is touring more than 20 regional cities ahead of the NSW Election where crucial decisions will be made about the future of coal seam gas and its impacts on communities, their land and their water.

Frackman producers Trish Lake, Simon Nasht, Richard Todd and Kate Hodges believe the documentary has become viral because people are recognising how critical the issue of coal seam gas is in Australia, and they feel compelled by the “call to action” to share their concerns.

Full list of upcoming Frackman screenings:

· Newcastle 13 March 2015
· Manly 15 March 2015
· Avoca 16 March 2015
· Camden 18 March 2015
· Campbelltown 19 March 2015
· Kangaroo 21 March 2015
· Shellharbour 23 March 2015
· Wollongong 24 March 2015
· Newtown 25 March 2015

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