Fujifilm appoints A2Z technologies as Fujinon distributor in NZ

07 June, 2012 by IF

Press release from Well Above

FUJIFILM today announced that they have appointed A2Z Technologies as a distributor of Fujinon broadcast lenses in New Zealand.


Fujifilm Australia General Manager of Optical Devices and Recording Media Marc Van Agten said, “A2Z Technologies is a specialist distributor of professional broadcast audio, video, photographic and lighting equipment and accessories. Focusing on field and studio production means A2Z work closely with New Zealand’s top broadcasters, programme and commercial producers and government departments. As a result of this and their excellent reputation in the NZ market, we are delighted to have them on board representing Fujinon Broadcast Lenses in New Zealand.”

Launched in 1991 A2Z Technologies has built a solid reputation as production specialists and suppliers of professional broadcast, audio, video and photographic equipment, systems and accessories.

A2Z Technologies’ Owner Rex Milton added, “A2Z Technologies is a field and studio production specialist company. We are also a one-stop-shop supplying an extensive range of top quality products and accessories. Our city-based location on the fringe of Auckland’s CBD is in the heart of the production and television precinct and an ideal position for customer convenience and service. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about our products with all of our staff having industry experience in order that they can provide the best possible specialised service. Our motto is ‘Quality First’ which is why Fujinon broadcast lenses are a perfect fit for A2Z Technologies and our customers. Not only are they of the highest quality but their reputation for reliability is second to none. With all the new broadcast lenses they are launching we are looking forward to a very busy and successful partnership with Fujinon in New Zealand.”