Fujifilm LTO Tapes are DAMsmart

27 March, 2014 by IF


Established in 2007, DAMsmart has grown to be Australia’s leading digitisation and archiving company. As the company has grown so has its exclusive use of Fujifilm LTO media.


DAMsmart GM Joe Kelly explained, “We’ve always had a good relationship with the Fujifilm Australia team and have used many of their products before, including data tape and optical tapes so we knew they were good quality. When we started DAMsmart having Fujifilm LTO tape as our prime data media choice was a no brainer. In the last seven years we have written approximately 12 peta bytes of data to thousands of Fujifilm LTO tapes and I can count the number of errors or issues on one hand. They really are that good.”

DAMsmart have a who’s who list of clients that they have provided digitisation and archiving services to including the NFSA, SBS TV, Prime Television, The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS), the Olympic Council of Asia and MediaCorp Singapore.

Kelly continued, “The demand for LTO tapes in archiving and storage has increased dramatically over the last seven years. Initially there was a resistance to archiving onto tape but the economic and reliability factors speak for themselves and are hard to argue against. LTO gives you a very low per GB storage cost and its long term data storage and retention simply cannot be matched by any other media.”

DAMsmart not only writes and archives all its data to Fujifilm LTO tape but all duplicates are also on the same LTO tape. The consistency and reliability is critical according to Kelly.

He added, “In the world of storage and archiving word of mouth spreads quickly. As a result we see more and more companies moving away from disk-based archiving to LTO tape-based solutions. Another reason for this is the increase in performance of LTO tapes over the last few years. The LTO drives have also improved as have the bandwidths in archive workflows. The big jump was from LTO-4 to LTO-5 which coincided with the launch of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) for data tape and the implementation of LTFS for media archives. LTFS now means we can de-couple an archive from a particular vendor which gives us and the customer far more flexibility and options. Now with LTO-5 and LTO-6 the options have become even more efficient and even faster.”

Kelly sees LTO tape as being the cornerstone of data management in storage and archiving for many years to come concluding, “DAMsmart are continually pushing and building LTO-based solutions for our customers. LTFS was a real game changer and now with Fujifilm’s Barium Ferrite coated LTO-6 tapes, another game changer due to its superior technology over using standard metal particles, we can make our clients’ archives even more open and accessible whilst having the highest levels of reliability and durability. Fujifilm has supported DAMsmart in our goal of using and implementing open standards as opposed to closed proprietary systems and the results have paid off. We now use more Fujifilm LTO tapes then ever before and this trend is very much set to continue.”