Get your studio humming with a high performance storage area network (SAN).

For a limited time, connect four workstations to 32TB of storage at unbeatable pricing so your team can truly collaborate with digital media – video, animation, graphics, audio and more – for never-before-realised productivity and creativity.

  • Editors, animators, compositors, designers – all working with shared assets with real-time access and playback
  • Eliminate duplication of media and copying of assets between colleagues
  • Manage central repository of assets
  • Streamline file-based workflows
  • Work faultlessly with HD and film formats
  • RAID 6 reliability for continuous operation – even with two-drive failure
  • Future-proof your studio with expandable storage and the easy addition of seats
  • Simple administration for reduced support and IT costs
  • Supplied by Adimex's team of Authorised SANman Systems Integrators for expert support

4 X ATTO Celerity FC cards plus FC cables
4 X FibreJet SAN software licenses
1 X SANman 16-Bay 32TB RAID with 4 X 8Gb FC ports
3yr Warranty on ATTO cards and SANman, 5yr Warranty on drives

A great buy at the normal price of $29,595 inc GST. For purchases to March 31st, it's only $26,495 inc GST.

Don't delay – your team's productivity awaits…
Visit for terms and conditions and more info.

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