Global TV purchases 24 Sony HDC 2400 camera chains

30 April, 2012 by IF

Press release from Sony

In one of Sony's most significant deals of recent times, Sony Australia’s Professional Solutions Division today announced that Global Television, Australia’s leading provider of outsourced television production services, had purchased 24 Sony HDC2400 camera chains at this year’s NAB


Garry Rhodin, General Manager of Sony Australia’s Professional Solutions Division, said, “As one of the region’s most forward thinking service providers Global TV is further expanding its camera fleet to meet the market’s growing needs for high definition coverage and the HDC2400 meets these requirements Sony’s HDC2400 HD camera chain is a member of the company’s flagship HDC2000 series of high performance HD cameras featuring 3G SMPTE fibre connection, 2/3-inch CCD and 16bit A/D converter. Global’s newest acquisitions join an already substantial fleet of over 140 HDC series cameras owned and operated by the company.

Geoff Rudder, Global Television’s General Manager – National Resources, said, “In order for Global to stay ahead of the game we are continually acquiring the best possible technology. We decided on the HDC2400 camera chains as they are Sony’s top of the line cameras with unparalleled picture quality, operator familiarity and flexibility of formats. The HDC2400s also enable us to mix and match accessories and chain components with our existing HDC1000 series fleet for even greater flexibility.”

In a mature market such as Australia, Global Television’s purchase of 24 camera chains is significant and further enhances Sony’s position as market leader in the Garry Rhodin continued, “We constantly strive to ensure Sony cameras, accessories, viewfinders, RCP and CCU are accepted by all broadcasters as best in breed. Companies like Global Television, with their high quality standards, Global’s new HDC2400s will predominantly be used in the coverage of major Australian sporting events, OB environments, stadiums and event venues which according to Geoff Rudder is all the more reason the company has to be at the very top of its game. He added, “When you offer the type of broadcast services Global TV does, the picture quality and reliability of the cameras we use are paramount. We have a close working relationship with Sony which, in addition to the quality of Sony equipment, also allows us access to the broadcast industry’s leading service and support resources. As a result we are looking forward to the delivery of our new HDC2400 camera chains and a continuing, successful partnership with Sony Australia’s Professional Solutions Division.”