Hit NZ show character hits the Big Apple

05 January, 2011 by IF

Press release from Adele Feletto Publicity

New Zealand’s hit TV show the WotWots continues to conquer the world and this Christmas one of its stars, SpottyWot, was seen smiling down at New Yorkers from a giant poster above Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square.


the WotWots is made 100% in New Zealand at Weta Workshop and has become a huge hit on TVNZ and in Australia and the UK since 2008 when it was first launched. Now the show has sold all around the world.

Created by Martin Baynton and Richard Taylor, the WotWots follows the adventures of two cute aliens who land in the Wellington and Auckland Zoos.

“We are so proud of this show” said Martin Baynton, who is also the voice of SpottyWot and the narrator.

“It’s been made here in Wellington by a wonderful young team who have put their hearts and souls into it. The show has been so successful that broadcasters around the world have all been calling for more episodes and we are just completing a second series”.

The show has now sold to over fifty countries and is a massive hit in some quite unexpected territories.

“We hoped to do well in all English speaking countries” said Baynton, “but we have also become a hit throughout Asia and a massive hit in Poland. It’s very exciting and has allowed us to plan and develop a whole new slate of shows with international partners”.

The show first went to air in NZ in April 2008.

It has sold to over 50 countries.

The show is owned by Pukeko Pictures, a company founded and jointly owned by Martin Baynton and Richard Taylor.

the WotWots is made for Pukeko Pictures in Wellington at Weta Workshop.

The series is directed by Theo Baynton.

Toys 'R' Us, Times Square, New York City