The Adelaide Film Festival (AFF) has called for entries to fund films that will premiere at the 2017 festival.

The HIVE fund is provided by the AFF, Screen Australia, ABC Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts. A total of  $700,000 will be available.

Established in 2011, the HIVE Fund has commissioned five films – Tender, I Want To Dance Better at Parties and The Boy Castaways – all of which premiered at the 2013 Festival – and Girl Asleep and Spear, which premiere at this year’s festival.

Screen Australia’s head of production Sally Caplan said: “We are delighted to continue to support the Hive Fund and Lab. The quality of the films that have come out of the initiative is extraordinary. This year, the films again meet the high standards set by the 3 previous films. Girl Asleep by Rosemary Myers is fresh, charming and delightful and Spear from Stephen Page exquisite and beautiful. The Hive Fund and Lab offer an incredible opportunity to emerging Australian creatives and I encourage participants to push their skill, ideas and talent to the full.”

Commissioning Editor for ABC TV Arts Mandy Chang said: “I’m thrilled to be involved in this third and final HIVE, which we hope will continue to uncover exciting new filmmaking talent. Supported by an impressive group of mentors, the lab will provide a carefully selected group of Australian artists and filmmakers with the opportunity to bring their unique skills, knowledge and processes to workshop ideas that will both enrich and stretch conventional filmmaking forms.”

AFF  Director Amanda Duthie said: “HIVE is rare in the world and it is terrific the HIVE partners can continue the development of new collaborations through the LAB and ensure great cinematic works, co-created by artists and filmmakers, will continue to screen across Australian and around he world..”

Talent participating in the current HIVE LAB includes songwriter and actor Clare Bowditch, director Geordie Brookman, photographer Trent Parke, writer Qing Xie, director Andy Packer, author Emma Magenta, artist Matthew Sleeth, producer and director Madeleine Parry, writer Nakkiah Lui, artist Bruce Gladwin, filmmaker Brendan Fletcher and writer Victoria Cocks.

The leaders for the HIVE LAB are Chris Drummond (Artistic Director, Brink Productions) and Mandy Chang. The LAB  runs from October 19-21.

Deadline for HIVE FUND proposals is Tuesday December 1.

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