Hoyts, IMAX prize for Tropfest

09 February, 2009 by IF

[Press Release by Nix Co.]

Hoyts Corporation and IMAX are delighted to announce that they will provide the winner of Movie Extra Tropfest 09 with the transfer of their short film to IMAX DMR as part of the winning first prize package.


The total prize package is valued up to $80,000, providing the filmmaker the opportunity to showcase their short film in the highest quality format. IMAX DMR (digital re-mastering) provides extraordinary visual clarity and sound quality by remastering feature films into a high resolution digital form capturing all the details from the original image.

Hoyts recently launched their IMAX cinemas in Dec 08 at various locations around Australia allowing audiences to enjoy a heightened film-going experience. Most recently The Dark Knight was released using IMAX technology to record breaking
box office success and the Rolling Stones concert film, Shine a Light, directed by Martin Scorsese was released in IMAX format in 2008.

Anthony Thiessen, Director of Marketing for Hoyts Corporation, commented, “We’re delighted to be supporting new filmmakers in Australia through our Tropfest association. Our partnership with IMAX allows us to offer this truly amazing prize.”

Getting your film seen is the key element to success which is why Hoyts IMAX is thrilled to be able to offer the winner a unique opportunity to present their film in a format that will allow them to stand out from the crowd.