17 January, 2013 by IF

Press Release from Adonis Films

Independent production company Adonis Films announces the DVD debut of iNANiMATE OBjECTS on January 23rd 2013 through Peacock Films. It will be available for rent Australia wide thru all good rental outlets, and available to purchase July 23rd 2013. The award winning iNANiMATE OBjECTS is a delightful, funny and warm-hearted Australian comedy that explores the battle between flesh-and-blood humans and inanimate objects.


Inanimate Objects. Everyone has trouble with them. They grab, fall, pinch, trip, scratch, bruise…and kill! Bill Patterson (Daniel Fletcher) is a 20-something country boy whose every move is challenged by them. Desperate to find a life and career beyond the chook farm – owned by Mum (Anne Phelan) and Grandpa (Monty Maizels) -he makes a regular pilgrimage to the small town of Pooguna in search of work & women…short women!
Skye (Josephine Clark) fits the bill – a pretty, petite & savvy refugee from a hippie commune. With help from publican Jimmy (Jim Daly), the lovable Bill might prove to be Skye’s soul mate but for the perilous obstacle course of her curio shop. In the end, it will take Bill’s new job with Sam (Lesley Baker) to reveal the full potential of the malice of iNANiMATE OBjECTS! Film Festival audiences from around the globe have been charmed by this offbeat Indy comedy…

Starring Daniel Fletcher, Josephine Clark, Lesley Baker, Jim Daly, Anne Phelan, Monty Maizels and introducing Natalia Starzynski.

The DVD release comes complete with bonus features including Outtakes and Photo Gallery. Rated M. iNANiMATE OBjECTS…watch out, they’re deadly!