iloura wins broadcast design award

16 April, 2010 by IF

Press release from iloura

Iloura is pleased to announce that work completed for SBS Television and US Agency Sydney has been awarded Best in Show Broadcast Design Hotshop Awards 2010.


Iloura's work was described as “stunningly breathtaking” by one member of the Hotshop Award's judging panel, another said that “Iloura's SBS work breaks the mould.”

Building on the current Six Billion Stories campaign, Iloura designed idents by combining culturally diverse sound bites with compelling motion graphics.

Nathan Bell, Senior Account Director at US Agency Sydney commented, “The combination of a brave client and a world-class design house resulted in a distinctive and highly engaging brand campaign. We couldn't be more proud.” said Mr. Bell.

The diverse styles of the graphics range from organic hand-drawn illustrations to futuristic 3D models and all have the central motif of a human brain.

Stephen Van Elst, Head of Iloura Design explains, “US Agency Sydney developed this interesting concept, with foundations in sound. My team was thrilled by the faith Josh Moore [Creative Director, US Agency] and his team had in us, they allowed our own brains to fire off in “six billion” directions and encouraged us to develop a range of styles that both challenged and complimented our skill base. It is a rare treat to work on a job like this and we are all extremely happy with the results.”

The SBS Brain campaign is currently on air, nationally. To view Iloura's work please visit: