‘Iron Sky’ sequel succeeds in crowd funding

11 July, 2013 by IF

Press Release

The sequel to the 2012 independent scifi hit Iron Sky, a comedy about Moon Nazis, has reached its’ first crowd funding phase, raising over $150000 for the script and promo development. The film, described to be a dark comedy making fun of epic mega-budget Hollywood scifi films added with loads of politically incorrect humour and a storyline that digs into the very beginnings of mankind, enters its’ development phase focusing to shoot earliest 2015.


“First, we do the script”, Timo Vuorensola, the director, describes the process. “Now that we’ve secured funding for it, we will begin hammering down the story, which has been been developed by the original writing team. We aim to get the script ready by the end of 2014, but first draft should be ready already by the end of this year.”

The production is a bit bigger than its’ predecessor, with budget approximately in the range of $15 million. Udo Kier and Stephanie Paul have been announced to return, and more casting news are to follow as the production progresses. The aim is to raise big portion of the budget via crowd funding.

“The crowd funding campaign we finished now is just the beginning – we will continue down this road, because it offers us much more freedom to develop the film exactly the way we want it to be, and to create a distribution system which makes sense to all. ”, producer Tero Kaukomaa says.

The successful crowd funding campaign took place over 57 days using IndieGoGo platform, and raised over $150000. The contributors claimed different kind of perks, ranging from public Thank You –videos to T-shirts, BluRays, action figures – and possibilities to read and comment the script before the shoot. The campaign ends on July 10th at midnight.