Jamie Blanks tapped for Crush score

23 April, 2008 by IF
Fresh from shooting the remake of Long Weekend with Claudia Karvan and Jim Caviezel, Australian genre director and composer Jamie Blanks has jumped aboard to score $2m thriller Crush.
After conquering Hollywood with his thriller Urban Legend, Blanks has recently returned to Australia and directed a string of horror films including Long Weekend and Storm Warning. His return has also seen him evolve into a fully fledged film score composer, scoring the latter two films, and now Crush.
Blanks said he was impressed by the early cut of the film he was shown.
“I’m really excited to be coming on to this project; it is the full package – high concept with great twists and impressive performances. It should turn a lot of heads internationally,” he said.
Soto added that Blanks’ experience in genre filmmaking brought a new dimension to the production.
 "We’re very excited to have secured Jamie Blanks as composer for Crush. Not only is he an exceptionally talented director, but a brilliant composer as well. Jamie brings a wealth of experience in the thriller genre to our film," he said.
The film stars rising talents Chris Egan (Home and Away, Eragon), Emma Lung (The Jammed, Katoomba) and Christian Clark (Prey, X-Men Origins, $quid) and is directed by Jeffrey Gerristen and John Soto – from a script by Soto. Jason Ballantine is also on board as editor.

Crush is planned to open in the US in autumn 2009, with an Australian release planned later that year.

is planned to open in the in autumn 2009, with an Australian release planned later that year.

Odin’s Eye Entertainment is handling worldwide sales.