Kaarin Fairfax and John Jarratt in Stalkher. 

Wolf Creek’s John Jarratt will once again take a dark turn for the camera in his feature directorial debut, Stalkher.

Billed as an “inappropriately funny, dark, romantic thriller,” Stalkher stars Jarratt and Kaarin Fairfax, who also co-directs.

The feature follows Jack (Jarratt), a jaded pharmacist with a stalking obsession. However the tables quickly turn when he discovers his prey – a friendly nurse with a love for baking – is certainly not what she appears.

“I spent most of my time directing the film while tied to a chair with my hands bound – a fun challenge that I really enjoyed” says Jarratt.

Executive Producer and industry veteran Alan Finney is a fan of the final product, stating in a statement released to the media “Stalkher is a creative masterpiece that relies on two brilliant performances and great dialogue.”

The Backlot Films director/manager Tony Ianiro is relishing using Stalkher as a flagship film project for The Backlot Films inaugural major cinema release programme, stating “Audiences should get ready for a night of sex, cupcakes and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Stalkher is set for theatrical release in late August (exact dates to be announced shortly), and is distributed by The Backlot Films. 

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