Escapade Media’s science series, 6 x 60’ HD, has hired Jennifer Gardy as executive producer and host for the in-house developed show.

The series will lightly cover the history of genetics so that we can understand the importance and how far we have come today. It also launches into the future to see what is on the cards for us to discover.

Gardy has appeared on CBC’s The Nature of Things, Myth or Science and Discovery’s Daily Planet. Her  PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry and BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics positions her as a perfect asset to the series along with her passion and huge personality will ensure the series brings to life a subject that the audience will enjoy and watch with fascination as we learn more about this world of science.

Escapade Media’s Anthony Mrsnik comments: “Jennifer is a fabulous talent and an eminent scientist who has enormous respect in both fields. Genetics will increasingly impact all our lives and we’ve already had strong interest from potential broadcasters."

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