Filmmakers John Polson and Gary Hamilton will join forces to produce the feature film Sydney, I Love You in early-2012.

The film – a collection of 12 short films set in each month of the year – is described as a love letter from Australia's top film talent to one of the great cities of the world.

Polson and Hamilton have already begun narrowing down the potential contributors to the project, from “living legends” to up-and-comers.

The short films will vary in style and genre but will be connected thematicly while one composer (not yet appointed) will produce the soundtrack to ensure overall consistency.

Polson is the founder-director of the world's largest short film festival, Tropfest, and an established filmmaker while Hamilton is the managing director of Arclight Films International and producer. The idea was first hatched at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Polson said: "It's no secret some of the best directors, actors and other acclaimed motion picture talent either live here or are from here. It's about time this talent got together to tell stories that showcase one of the world's most beautiful cities."

Hamilton said: "We have always been committed to expanding the audience and influence of Australian cinema and see this as a great opportunity to showcase our best talent."

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  1. Awfull idea.Just plain awful.

    New york i loved you was terrible

    paris i love you was original

    come on!

    Lets get some orginality rather than being cop cats.

  2. Good luck to the success of these guys.

    They have got 700 shareholders, paying entrants to Tropfest, that have invested in these guys carriers.
    They will also be able to share in their accomplishment.

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