JVC presents 4K and 3D solutions to CSIRO

09 November, 2009 by IF

Press Release from Well Above

JVC Professional and its key 3D products reseller Jumbo Vision International recently hosted a unique event at the Australian Resources Research Centre in Bentley, WA presenting and demonstrating key 3D and 4K solutions to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and attendees from the oil and gas, mining and tertiary education industries.


Jumbo Vision’s Lena Kimenkowski said, “We believe that in our business, seeing is believing. Therefore, we like to hold showcase sessions showing off various technologies to a wide range of people. By showing them the technology in action, new ideas are formed leading to exciting new projects. We demonstrated the JVC DLA-SH4K 4K projector and the JVC full HD GD-463D10 3D LCD screen, as well as an INFITEC 3D projection screen, our video conferencing system, IOCOM and our multi touch table, the CTW.”

The event consisted of three full sessions over the day with Kimenkowski and her team demonstrating a wide range of solutions and applications. She added, “The JVC DLA-SH4K projector was used in a variety of ways. Firstly, it was used to display an IOCOM video conferencing session, displaying nine video windows as well as a PowerPoint presentation at the same time. Then it demonstrated its incredible resolution showing Red Camera content. After the demonstrations, attendees were able to wander around and look at the technology up close. We had people going very close to the projected image and expressing their amazement at the resolution. The GD-463D10 3D LCD TV was also very popular. Attendees were amazed at the quality and there was a lot of interest both from all the business sectors and many personal consumer enquiries too.”

JVC Professional’s new DLA-SH4K 4K projector delivers ultra high-definition images and is four times sharper than native HD. Suitable for a variety of different applications, the DLA-SH4K, has a wide selection of functions and display modes for practical everyday use.

The easy-to-use projector adopts a new construction and production process that allows a 6.8 pixel pitch and 0.25 pixel gap with a high aperture ratio of more than 93%. In addition it has a 1.27-inch miniature 4K2K D-ILA device which delivers high-definition display images of 10 mega pixels (4096 x 2400 pixels).

Besides compatibility with 4K digital cinema, the projector also offers full HD, four multi screen window display and 4x enlarged WUXGA images for high-end design and CAD applications. Three separate Gamma Tables are incorporated to allow for customisation for different image sources and viewing environments.
JVC Professional’s new projector chassis achieves approximately a 65% reduction in size compared to a conventional projector of the same class, and weighs 59kg (lens included). Moreover, the stackable design allows greater installation flexibility for applications such as 3D.

JVC’s 46-inch GD-463D10 full HD LCD monitor is only 39mm thick and uses JVC’s unique high-quality 3D visual engine to deliver a natural, flicker-free visual experience by adopting the Xpol polarizing filter method and battery-free passive-type circular polarizing filter glasses.

Lena Kimenkowski concluded, “The event was a great success and we had excellent feedback from attendees acknowledging the many innovative solutions now made possible with JVC’s 4K and 3D products.”