Australian action-thriller Killer Elite, which stars Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro, is set for release on September 23.

The $66 million Killer Elite – based on Sir Ranulph Fiennes' non-fiction novel The Feather Men – was filmed in Melbourne last year as well as Paris, Wales, London, Dubai and Oman.

Killer Elite follows special-ops agent Danny (Jason Statham), who is lured out of self-imposed exile to execute a feat of retribution and personal salvation. He reassembles his old team of operatives to help rescue his former mentor (Robert DeNiro), and to infiltrate the British Special Air Service (SAS).

Facing off against a covert group of ex-SAS soldiers known as “The Feather Men,” who, under their leader Spike (Clive Owen), provide a deadly cloak of security around all SAS members, Danny and his team must take down a rogue cell of solider assassins before their actions result in a global political meltdown.

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  1. Love a good thriller. Especially when Oz gets a piece of the pie. The camerawork’s brilliant.

    Got to say the dialogue is atrociously cliched. Are they kidding?
    And who chose the lame music? Is it a parody?

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