Kingston Anderson appointed Australian Directors Guild general manager

12 September, 2011 by Sam Dallas

Producer and former SPAA NSW Chapter head, Kingston Anderson, is the new Australian Directors Guild’s general manager.

Anderson, producer of mainly documentaries such as SBS’ Aftershocks and NITV’s Kulka, will take over the role from Harriet McKern next Monday.


Most recently he represented the Screen Producers Association of Australia in negotiations with the state government to obtain more financial support for the film and TV industry. Last week, IF reported that the NSW government had slashed funding in the latest state budget.

Anderson, who has been in the screen industry for 15 years, says with screen content now being delivered across multiple platforms, it's important to ensure directors receive appropriate recognition and remuneration for their creative work.

"…The ADG needs to reflect this by becoming a strong, pro-active voice in the Australian screen industry," he said in a statement.

ADG president Ray Argall said Anderson had key management and communication skills and would be introduced to members in the coming months.

“He has a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing directors and the key creative role directors have in telling screen stories,” Argall said in a statement.

“We also value his first-hand experience as a creative, through his work as a producer of film and television and as a theatre director prior to joining the screen industry.”

One of his first duties will be to oversee preparations on the guild’s 30th anniversary awards celebration next year. He will also report to the board, set and monitor budgets, work with interstate operators and generally be responsible for the overall day-to-day running of the guild.

Anderson was a former production liaison unit manager at the NSW Film and Television Office and a board member of the Association of Film Commissions International. He was appointed chief executive of Serenity Cove Studios, however in 2005 he resigned after contract problems.