Kodak Makes Images Immortal at CamerImage

25 November, 2009 by IF

Press release from Kodak

As a long-standing sponsor of PLUS CAMERIMAGE, the only international film festival dedicated to the ‘art of cinematography,’ Kodak will once again play an integral part in the 2009 event, both on and off the screen.


Now in its seventeenth year, the festival runs from 28 November through 5 December in Lodz, Poland, the city considered to be ‘the capital of Polish cinematography.’ At PLUS CAMERIMAGE, Kodak and its industry partners will present an educational session titled, ‘Make Your Image Immortal.’

Taking place on Saturday, December 3th at 5:15 in the Grand Theatre Screening Room, this presentation is open to the public.

Attendees of the ‘Make Your Image Immortal’ session will see the latest Kodak demonstration celebrating the anniversary of Kodak’s proprietary T-Grain technology.

T-Grains, or Tabular Grains, provide significantly more surface area than the conventional 3D silver halide crystal, and so absorb light much more efficiently. In addition, because they have a regular shape which aligns parallel to the base support of film during coating, they present a much cleaner optical path to underlying emulsion layers resulting in increased sharpness of the captured image.

Recent advances in the use of dye layering technology improve the performance of Kodak color negative film even more, and are a key element of the new VISION3 family of films. The demo traces all these improvements in film capture over the last several years, by comparing different stocks in various lighting conditions.

“We are very excited to show this demo,” says Thierry Perronnet, Marketing Director for Kodak’s European Region. “We believe people will walk away with a new appreciation for the cutting edge technology built into every frame of camera negative film. And, with all the advances in that technology over the last several years, film in every format – especially S16MM – is creating ever cleaner and more elegant images, in addition to all the benefits of archivability and flexibility that film delivers.”

At the forum, Kodak will be joined by industry partners Arri and Aaton. Together, they will discuss a wide variety of information about the opportunities to shoot film within a budget, such as utilizing new de-graining technologies in post for images originated in S16MM or by shooting 2-perf film.

Kodak will also take the opportunity at PLUS CAMERIMAGE to celebrate the second year of The Image Forum. An association of representatives from a broad range of film industry companies and professions, the Image Forum is working to address issues relating to the image quality of both British and international film and television productions. Forum members come together out of a shared belief that the entire industry will benefit from a greater degree of clarity on various technical subjects.

“There continues to be a need for more clarity on the whole subject of image acquisition,” said Perronnet. “Our discussions focus on helping creative professionals to make informed choice when selecting the tools for each individual project.”

At the festival, the Image Forum will present a new informational website for filmmakers to visit, incorporating materials such as a test screening done by the British Society of Cinematographers: created to enable industry professionals to make creative decisions on the most suitable format for their productions.


In addition to the special presentations and forums, the festival includes competitions, special screenings, premieres, retrospectives, seminars, workshops, meetings and associated events such as exhibitions and concerts. Many of the films in competition used Kodak in their productions.

“CAMERIMAGE is a unique meeting place where the art and technology of cinematography come together,” said Perronnet. “Kodak is here to recognize cinematographers, to thank them for what they do, and to help them use our products to continue to expand their creativity for the future.”