Prodigy Movies and Kojo Pictures have launched a new genre production alliance, Croweater Entertainment, which will produce horror-musical spoof Tracey's Slumba Party later this year.

Arclight Films' horror/sci-fi unit Darclight will co-produce and has picked up foreign rights to the film (outside Australia and New Zealand and the United Kingdom).

Croweater Entertainment is led by Prodigy's Michael Robertson (Road Train, Black Water, The Reef) and Kojo's Kent Smith (Martyrs, 2.37, The Tree).

Tracey's Slumba Party will be directed by Louise Alston (Jucy, All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane) and will star Kate Geck and Mel Sano from the cult-punk girl group Toxic Lipstick. The film is about a teen girls’ sleepover gone-wrong that quickly evolves from manicures and boy talk to murder and mayhem.

Last year, the South Australian Film Corporation provided funding for a draft script for Tracey’s Slumba Party, which is being written by comedian Rebel Wilson.

Filming is slated for South Australia, where Kojo is based and where Robertson filmed Road Train.

An early teaser for Tracey’s Slumba Party can be seen below as well as Toxic Lipstick's clip Best Friends.

Tracey's Slumba Party Taster from Louise on Vimeo.

Best Friends – Toxic Lipstick from Louise on Vimeo.

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  1. Rebel Wilson is a comic genius. Just saw Bridesmaids. Why isn’t she starring in this if she wrote it?

  2. wow! i saw traceys slumber party the musical live on stage in brisbane years ago!! i cant believe tocky lippy are taking it to the big screen. roflzzzz!!

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