Press Release from Kojo

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to partner in the creation of animation and live action content for the corporate, film and advertising industries

KOJO Managing Director Dale Roberts said while KOJO and PRA remained two separate entities, the partnership would provide competitive advantage when pitching for national and global work.

“We are often involved in projects that require leading edge live and animated content. This can be for online platforms such as websites right through to television and film,” Mr Roberts said.

“The partnership between KOJO and the PRA brings together industry leading expertise, creativity and experience. The PRA is an amazingly talented business and I am excited to add their skills to new projects.”

PRA CEO Sam White said the agreement created an alliance between two well-respected firms who shared a similar culture of excellence.

“We’ve worked together on several successful projects over the years where I’ve seen firsthand KOJO’s great work and supreme client service in action.

Formalising this alliance made sense to both of us as it allows us to provide a better integrated service to our respective customers,” Mr White said.