Kojo Group divisions do work on Hilltop Hoods release

27 October, 2010 by IF

Press release from Kojo Group

South Australian Kojo Group divisions, Spirit Films and Oasis Post, have been working on a project over the last few months for South Australian group, Hilltop Hoods, which was released on DVD/BLU-RAY on October 22nd in the lead up to Halloween. The Hilltop Hoods now join ACDC as the only Australian group to release on BLU-RAY.


The Parade of the Dead is the title of the DVD/Blu-ray from the acclaimed hip-hop group and was filmed by Spirit Films at Adelaide institution, the Old Adelaide Gaol. The DVD is based on a dramatisation of a zombie apocalypse was cut with footage of a live concert at the Gaol and features an army of more than 70 extras starring as zombies.

The DVD/Blu-ray features a concert that was held at the Old Adelaide Gaol in a space 30metres by 5metres and was attended by Adelaide Hilltop Hoods fans invited on Facebook. To capture this amazing scene, Spirit Films and Oasis Post installed 15 cameras from multiple vantage points around the Gaol and even planted camera people in the crowd to capture raw footage on handycams. It’s also one of the first live concerts to be shot on the new range of Canon digital SLR cameras including the 5D and 7D.

Cinematographer Aaron Gully says this project was by far one of the most unique shoots ever done by Spirit Films.

“It involved 15 cameras total ranging from the top-of-the-range Sony F35 CineAlta HDCAM SR to the Sony F900 HDCAM and Digital Betacam, Canon 7D and 5D DSLRs, Infrared DVCam, Varicam and GoPro cameras which visually enabled us to capture footage with a range of different treatments, making the style of footage available for post production hugely diverse,” says Gully.

The Parade of the Dead has been an enormous collaboration between Hilltop Hoods, Spirit Films and Oasis Post – with the addition of a few special elements including a disco-dancing zombie on rollerskates and a fearless skydiver.

Oasis Post – Director, Editor and Designer, Richard Coburn says, “The project was epic in scale and a real collaboration between the Hoods and our fantastic crew. It’s such a departure from the typical music DVD/Blu-ray and shows just how they like to push the envelope to bring something new to their fans. With stunts, parachute landings, make-up effects and general mass zombie madness not to mention a 15-camera concert shoot, it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done in so little time.”

Hilltop Hoods member Matt Lambert says, “It’s been awesome to work with the guys at Spirit Films and Oasis Post again on our latest DVD/Blu-ray. It’s been a real collaboration and their work, as well as the work of everyone they pulled in to help, has been amazing. The production value is incredible; it’s surpassed all our expectations and we are excited to unleash Parade of the Dead.”

The DVD/Blu-ray follows previous work Spirit Films and Oasis Post have done for the music trio including several music videos and their previous two full-length DVDs.