KOJO purchases first F35 in Australia

30 September, 2008 by IF

[Press Release by Gray Management Group]

Kojo and their Sydney associate, Gearhead, have shown their commitment to the Australian and South Australia film industry by purchasing the first two new digital F35 Cameras in Australia. This combined investment in new F35 cameras and lenses is reported to be well over $1.5million.


This new Sony F35 camera, which has been eagerly awaited around the world, produces extraordinary results. With the advantages of digital acquisition (no film processing), a superior new 35mm frame size sensor and the ability to accept virtually any 35mm ‘movie type’ film lens, the cameras are already in demand in South Australia. The F35 was booked on its first project with Spirit Films only days after arrival and feature film demand already is very strong.

Kent Smith, Director Kojo Pictures says, “The quality of Australian films is continually rising and we are excited to be working in such a dynamic industry. We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries and always strive for the highest possible quality in this competitive marketplace. This new F35 camera delivers breathtaking pictures. It will allow film makers the flexibility of working with digital, while at the same time finally achieving the look and feel of 35mm film, without the compromises imposed by cheaper digital cameras.”

Shooting on 35mm film has usually been the preference of directors and cinematographers, but enormous improvements in digital cameras, particularly in the past few years, has seen the film industry make a big shift, worldwide, towards digital acquisition. The F35 is the very latest in ‘high end’ digital cinematography, which means it can record images straight on to tape or data recorders and still provide producers, directors and cinematographers, cost savings without compromising quality. Another benefit of the F35 is that the ‘filming’ speed can be seamlessly varied while the camera is running, to produce an effect called speed ramping, which is often used in TV commercials and feature films. The F35 camera can shoot, at the highest recording quality, from one frame per second, up to fifty frames per second and can produce high quality pictures even in extremely low light conditions, using the new T1.3 Zeiss 35mm master prime lenses.

Kojo and Sydney based associate company Gearhead, will be able to offer their clients multiple F35 camera and master prime lens packages. Often film directors require two camera coverage of stunt or drama scenes, or scenes shot at dawn or dusk, where there is only a narrow ‘window’ of perfect light. It also enables directors and producers to reduce costs and continuity problems and generally increase efficiency of production. Another great benefit of the F35 HDSR system is a simplified, reliable and more cost effective post production path.