Kununurra to get first look at “Australia”

07 November, 2008 by IF

[Release by ScreenWest]

Kununurra has joined Sydney, Bowen and Darwin as one of the first communities to jointly host the world premiere of Baz Lurhmann’s epic, Australia.


Arts and Culture Minister John Day and Tourism Minister Liz Constable welcomed Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors’ announcement this morning that a screening would take place in Kununurra on November 18.

"We thank Fox for doing everything they could to make sure the people of Kununurra are included in the opening night," Mr Day said.

"From the sneak previews, we know that the Kimberley landscape looks amazing: it stars alongside Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and home-grown talent Brandon Walters.

"It is very fitting that the local community will be among the first to see their land and many of their people starring on the big screen."

Tourism Minister Dr Liz Constable said a special screening in Kununurra was an important way to recognise the community’s contribution to the film.

"A movie preview in Kununurra will be a welcome opportunity for the local community, particularly the traditional owners, Miriuwung Gajerrong, to see their own region take centre stage," Dr Constable said.

"As a promotional opportunity, the special screening will help us highlight that the Kimberley is the real star of the movie.

"The State Government will soon embark on a $2.2million tourism campaign – and this simultaneous screening with Darwin and Bowen for Sydney’s premiere, will further boost our marketing activity."