Laid TV promo

21 December, 2010 by IF

What happens when a bad one-night stand from your distant past dies in horrible circumstances on a beach in Fiji?

Are you supposed to go to the funeral, even though the sum total of his sexual knowledge was gleaned from Revenge of the Nerds? Do you murmur platitudes about him to his loved ones despite his off-putting habit of yelling 'TOUCHDOWN' when he 'finished'?


Laid was created and written by Marieke Hardy (First Tuesday Book Club) and Kirsty Fisher (Last Man Standing, Stingers) and is produced by Liz Watts (Animal Kingdom).

It was directed by Trent O’Donnell (Review with Myles Barlow) and stars Alison Bell (I Rock),Celia Pacquola (winner of The Age Critics Award Melb International Comedy Festival 2009), Toby Truslove (Thank God You're Here) and Abe Forsythe (Marking Time, Always Greener). Guest stars also include Graeme Blundell, Tracy Mann, Judi Farr, Deborah Kennedy and Shaun Micallef.

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