New Australian film Last Dance has gone into production this week.

The film, which is helmed by first time director David Pulbrook and produced by former SPAA president, Antony I. Ginnane, commenced principle photography in and around St Kilda on Monday.

Last Dance follows Sadiq Mohammad (Underbelly's Firass Dirani), a radical Palestinian, who, after fleeing from a suicide bombing that has gone wrong, takes holocaust survivor, Ulah Lippman, hostage in her own apartment. As the police close in, the unlikely pair are forced to confront their own pasts.

In February, it was announced that the role of Ulah would be played by American screen veteran, Gena Rowlands (Woman Under the Influence, The Notebook). The part has since been recast, with Bed of Roses star, Julia Blake, replacing Rowlands.

The feature has been funded by Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the MIFF premiere fund and a number of private investors. It will  be distributed locally by Becker Film Group.

Filming is expected to wrap in early December.

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