Press Release

New Zealand Film Commission CEO Graeme Mason confirmed Libertine as the first recipient
of funding under the New Zealand Film Commission’s new business development scheme,
details of which he announced at the event. This funding provides Libertine with the security
of a devolved contribution towards its first three years of development and overhead

Richard Fletcher said the new partnership between the New Zealand Film Commission and
filmmakers was a unique opportunity to deliver very real growth to the New Zealand screen
production sector.

“Paul and I realised that while there are many highly talented and experienced people
involved in the local industry, their expertise tends to be focussed in particularly specialised
areas. Projects may fail to reach their potential because it is hard to tap into a combination
of high quality development, production and distribution expertise at an early stage. We
asked ourselves how could we harness that creativity and bring their screen ideas to

“We have worked extensively in the industry both locally and overseas and between us we
have built up a valuable range of contacts and relationships. Libertine will offer structured
expertise providing a collaborative solution for filmmakers.”

“While some productions will be originated by and wholly owned by Libertine, our
philosophy is to encourage others to work with us, with Libertine either acting as a producer,
executive producer, or in a consultancy role. The output will be a mix of wholly owned,
jointly owned, and work for hire”.

Libertine has formed non-exclusive filmmaking partnerships with a cross section of New
Zealand’s emerging and established talent: Cliff Curtis, Ainsley Gardiner of Whenua Film,
Trevor Haysom of T.H.E. Film, Thomas Robins and David Stubbs of KHF Media, Taika Waititi
and Chelsea Winstanley of Defender Films and David White of White Balance Pictures.

“Whilst we expect to work closely with our filmmaking partners we recognise the
importance of the filmmakers also having wider collaboration with other partners. We wish
to create choice for the filmmaker,” said Fletcher.

Emily Anderton, an experienced development consultant and script editor is the company’s
Head of Development. Anderton was formerly an executive at the New Cinema Fund of the
UK Film Council. Publishing and communications executive Nadya Kooznetzoff will be Head
of Literary Acquisitions. Kooznetzoff spent a decade in publishing in London marketing the
Picador list and as Marketing Director for Pan Macmillan and is currently a consultant to the
NZ Book Council.

Paul Davis said Libertine has in place cornerstone sales and distribution relationships with
established players, allowing in depth knowledge of the local and international market place
to inform all development decision making.


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