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Digital agency TEQUILA has teamed up with independent film and television producers Goalpost Pictures Australia to launch Series 2 of the hugely successful kid’s TV drama –Lockie Leonard. The online and interactive campaign is the largest of its kind created for Australian kids’ TV.

The online campaign has just launched via Official Lockie Leonard Facebook, Channel Nine website and Official Lockie MySpace Channel ahead of the Series 2 broadcast premiere on 21 August.

“The show’s target demographic of eight to fifteen year olds is deeply immersed in social networks and is keen to participate with online entertainment and games that are created specifically with their needs in mind. Accordingly, this generation of consumers has allowed us to really push the boundaries of what’s possible and create exciting and innovative online content,” says Pete Gately, Head of Content, TEQUILA.

The interactive content was created during the show’s scripting stage where Goalpost Pictures’ and TEQUILA’s writing teams worked closely together to create a suite of compelling content designed to extend storylines into multi-platform entertainment.

Viewers will have access to a wide range of content and activities including competitions, storyline linked webisodes, video podcasts and downloadables. Fans will also have the chance to appear in an episode of Lockie via an online competition, or they can upload a video of themselves rocking out to the theme tune for a chance to debut in the show’s credits! New video content will be rolled out each week, with over 75 minutes of original video content created for the campaign.

Goalpost Pictures Partner and Producer of Lockie Leonard, Kylie du Fresne, said: “The online work created by the TEQUILA team for Lockie Leonard will set the benchmark for multi-platform entertainment. It’s highly original and multi-layered, designed to captivate our audience and extend their viewing experience.

Goalpost Pictures is thrilled with the outcome of TEQUILA’s efforts and are currently working with them on a number of other TV and film projects the company has in development.”

“TEQUILA’s phenomenal growth and our focus on producing original content for online audiences will lead us and our clients into exciting territory,” says Charles Clapshaw, President of TEQUILA Digital, Asia Pacific.

TEQUILA’s working with clients on a range of content-driven projects, including the recent launch of the official movie site Tomorrow When the War Began,, for Paramount Pictures.

Campaign links:
Channel Nine:

TEQUILA Creative team:
Russ Tucker, Creative Director
Pete Gately, Head of Content
Glenn Christensen, Art Director
Daniel O’Connell & Chris Wainhouse, Writers
Mish Fabok, Producer

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