Louis Theroux brings stage show to Australia

13 March, 2016 by Staff Writer

Louis Theroux.


Filmmaker-journalist Louis Theroux is bringing his live show to Australia this September. 

Louis Theroux Live On Stage is a behind the scenes look at Theroux's documentaries, which investigate the eccentric and the unheralded in a manner similar to podcasts such as This American Life – only filmed. The Australian performances will be MC'd by Julia Zemiro.  

“I couldn’t be more excited about doing these live shows in Australia", Theroux said.

"It will be my first time Down Under and my first time doing ambitious shows of this kind. For me, making my programmes is quite a private process. They are about forging a human connection with people whose lives are at the outermost edge of what we as people experience: the most forbidden impulses, the most frightening lifestyles, the most traumatic turns of events. To get inside the lives of those people – criminals, sex workers, people with mental illness, ultra-committed religious believers – is a kind of high-wire act". 

"With these live shows, I’d like to invite my viewers deeper inside the process, share weird stories and surprising insights from all my years of doing it –  and also meet and get to know the community of people who enjoy the programmes.”

Theroux’s newest episodes air on the UK's BBC Knowledge later this year, and will likely air on longtime home the ABC locally.

“In his documentaries, Louis Theroux finds the extraordinary in the ordinary", Zemiro said. 

"Through patience, stillness and rigour, he reveals so much about human nature. I'm delighted to be hosting this tour and intend to pick up as many tips as possible in the art of interviewing”. 

As well as looking at clips from past docs and discussing them with Theroux, Zemiro will also chair an audience Q&A. The show tours to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.