John Schwarz and Tyler Atkins.

Luke Hemsworth is playing the lead opposite teenager Rasmus King in Bosch and Rockit, writer-director Tyler Atkins’ debut feature which follows a father and son who are pursued by crooked cops.

Now shooting in Byron Bay, the privately-financed road movie/drama is a spin-off from Atkins’ 2018 short which starred King and Aaron Jeffery.

Deeper Water Pictures’ John Schwarz, who joined the project several weeks ago at the suggestion of DOP Ben Nott, is producing with Cathy Flannery.

Based on a true story, the plot follows Hemsworth’s Bosch and King’s 13-year-old Rockit as they embark on a late summer trip along the Australian coast.

Rockit believes he is on a magical holiday with his dad until he sees the cops are in pursuit. On the run, they struggle with numerous setbacks with hope, courage and determination.

Michael Sheasby and Martin Sacks play the cops with Leeanna Walsman as Bosch’s estranged wife Elizabeth, Isabel Lucas as photographer Deb, Bosch’s love interest, and Savannah La Rain as Rockit’s friend Ash.

Schwarz tells IF the project appealed to him as being very different from Deeper Water Films’ last two productions, Kriv Stenders’ Danger Close: The Battle of Tan and the ABC’s Les Norton, a co-production with Roadshow Rough Diamond.

“There is a sweetness and innocence to the film, which is about families,” he says. The producers are taking advantage of the Producer Offset and did not need a sales agent to secure pre-sales. Mitu Bhowmick Lange and John Molloy’s Mind Blowing Films will distribute in Australia.

The production is abiding by Screen Australia’s COVIDSafe guidelines and NSW Health regulations, which includes daily temperature checks by a nurse. The cast and a smaller than usual crew are living in a virtual bubble. The six week shoot wraps on September 25.