Mad Max Fury Road prepares for Namibia shoot

11 October, 2011 by Brendan Swift

The fourth Mad Max film, Fury Road, will be shot in Namibia early next year.

The production is currently shifting equipment offshore ahead of the planned March 2012 shoot, according to sources.


It follows official confirmation in August that the production would no longer be shot in Broken Hill, where rain has rid the desert landscape of its post-apocalyptic features.

The fourth Mad Max film was close to filming in Namibia in 2003 before the first Iraq War scuttled production plans.

It is understood that the production is still being made with Australian crew and the vast majority of expenditure will still count as part of the 40 per cent Producer offset tax rebate.

The Bleeding Cool website has posted some recent Fury Road photos via the Mad Max unofficial forums.

Director George Miller's assistant has not responded to queries.

Miller and his team at Dr D Studios are still furiously working on Happy Feet 2 ahead of its US-slated November 18 premiere. US studio Warner Bros is funding and distributing both films.

Fury Road is set to star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

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