Madman production, That Sugar Film, has become the number one Australian documentary of all time.

It has now taken more than $1.6 million at the box office and almost $500,000 in New Zealand cinemas.

It now holds number one position,, excluding IMAX screenings, after collecting $1,699,064 at the box office.

 It surpassed Bra Boys ($1,698,976).

The success comes on the back of the the documentary's recently announced AACTA Award nomination for Best Documentary.

The winner will be announced on December 9.

It has remained on Australian cinema screens for 22 weeks.

Head of Madman Production Company, Nick Batzias, said it was absolutely incredible to reach such a milestone. 

"In addition to being a great success for Madman as a business, it is a clear indication that the ultimate goal of taking this important message to a broad Australian audience and impacting change is being achieved," he said. 

"It is a testament to Damon's passion and determination, both making and promoting the film, as well as the hard work of all involved in getting the film out there."

The film has also been released in the UK and Canada, and will release next week in the US via Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Thanks to Good Pitch2 Australia, numerous philanthropic funders and outreach partners including BUPA, the Obesity Policy Coalition, the George Institute for Global Health, the Australian Council of State School Organisations and Diabetes Australia, the film's message has been actively pushed out to schools, corporate institutions and individuals around the country who are interested in promoting a healthier diet.

School Action Toolkits, which include the film, as well as a number of education resources have been created as a result.

They are being shipped to hundreds of schools around the country. 

The documentary also continues to raise money for the Mai Wiru Foundation which supports Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory to help educate community members on how to make healthy food choices.

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  1. Sugar is great but is not Australia’s highest grossing documentary : “Antarctica” has topped the box office in Australia by a margin of some millions and is one of the highest earning documentaries of all time, having grossed in excess of $100m world wide,

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