Magna supplies Channel 9 equipment

09 April, 2010 by IF

Press release from Well Above

When TCN9 in Sydney decided to rebuild Studio 3 as a high-definition news studio, part of their requirement included a multiple installation of robotic camera heads.


Magna Systems Product Specialist David Clemesha explained, “The team from Channel 9 came to us with their requirements for the new news studio and we suggested the Cambotics 520PT as the perfect solution. The 520PT has an offset tilt axis which greatly reduces the need for awkward counter-weights, while its 32kg load capacity easily accommodates large teleprompters. We did a full demo for the team and they really appreciated the smoothness, speed, precise control, and on-air move quality of the 520PT.”

The demo also included the Cambotics touch screen user interface and Tekskil Studio prompters.

Clemesha continued, “We showed the team the Cambotics User Interface which is a networked Windows PC based system used to control Cambotics robotics devices. The Cambotics Ethernet architecture is engineered for reliability, redundancy, flexibility and future expansion. Fewer boxes are required increasing reliability and simplifying installation. The UI also has a redundancy feature which allows for a fully redundant system configuration just by adding a second control point.

The UI makes setting up a shot as easy as selecting a camera, framing a shot using joysticks and a focus knob then storing it by touching the screen. It appears as a thumbnail image and recalling it is just one simple touch away. The Tekskil Studio prompter is a rugged, lightweight LCD prompting system with improved brightness and contrast integrated with custom extruded, lightweight aluminium frame rails and docking hardware. The Tekskil Studio prompter also offers the industry's only no-tools-required assembly for speedy setup in the studio. All in all the Channel 9 team were very pleased with the complete solution.”

Studio 3 had one further design requirement – the robotic heads were to be controlled by Sony ELC studio automation software. “This meant we had to do full testing to make sure that the Sony digital cameras and lenses would be able to be controlled using just one cable” explained Clemesha. “Once that was confirmed and after another full demo in Magna Systems’ demonstration and training room the deal was signed and the equipment delivered for installation and configuration.”

Network Manager Broadcast Technology for Nine Network Australia, Charles Sevior said, “We discovered Cambotics robotic heads and pedestals at NAB a couple of years ago. We were delighted when Magna Systems took up the agency, so that we would be assured of excellent ongoing support and engineering assistance. The Cambotics touch screen UI and Tekskil Prompter solution proposed by Magna was the best available and the one that most closely suited our requirements. David and the team at Magna had a very good understanding of our needs for the new studio. I was very happy with Magna’s level of sales, service and support and am pleased to say the robotic heads and studio prompters are all working very efficiently.”