Magna Systems supplies next generation Zeus III

09 July, 2010 by IF

Press release from Well Above

Magna Systems and Engineering today gave details of the next generation Zeus III Digital Intercom Matrix and keypanels it recently supplied to Videocraft for a major studio build.


Magna Systems Product Specialist Lucas Bohm explained, “Videocraft approached us with a comms requirement for a major custom studio they were building for Ambience Entertainment at Fox Studios. It was a significant project with a very tight timeframe and limited space. After initial discussions we suggested the Zeus III digital intercom matrix and KP32 and KP12 keypanels. Zeus III is the next generation of condensed intercom system units and has 32 channels IN/OUT and two configurable party-line interface channels. Its compact size is perfect for environments with limited space. With the addition of Ethernet, the Zeus III can be configured from virtually anywhere on the network using AZedit Intercom software. Alternatively, the Zeus III can be directly connected to AZedit through the use of the USB connector on the front panel. The system has 32 standard RJ45 connectors making it easier to connect the intercom system with audio lines and keypanels by keeping the RTS wiring scheme.”

The system supplied by Magna to Videocraft included an allowance for ten panels in total in addition to wireless floor manager comms, wireless IFB for talent and standard wired camera comms.

Bohm added, “The matrix is fully programmable and can be easily added to as required. RTS comms are widely appreciated as the industry standard and the Zeus III digital matrix furthers cements that status.”

In addition to the Zeus III matrix Magna Systems supplied the popular RTS Telex KP12 and KP32 keypanels. The KP-12 modular series of keypanels represent more compact, fully programmable user stations. Based on a common set of internal modules the KP-12 series have a set of very powerful features, which make them attractive in mobile applications and in other situations where space is at a premium.

The KP-32 keypanel has 32 lever keys: 30 keys are for intercom talk/listen assignment; one key is for call waiting response; and one key is for headset/microphone/programme selection and volume setup. The KP-32 combines all of the programmable features of the KP-12 keypanel and adds significant other features such as digital signal processing and binaural headset operation with left/right assignment of audio signals. The KP-32 also utilises large, super-bright, long-life fluorescent displays with adjustable brightness control, making it suitable for all types of ambient lighting from direct sunlight to darkness.

Videocraft NSW State Manager Andy Liell said, “We had only three weeks to build an entire studio for Ambience so all of our suppliers really had to pitch in. Magna Systems were very helpful in lending us a comms system whilst they prepared the Zeus III and then helping us configure it on site. The system is excellent and has been working very well indeed.”