CORRECTION: This press release was originally incorrectly posted, saying that MasterChef was a Shine production since 2009. FremantleMedia Australia had in fact acquired the rights to produce MasterChef in Australia before Shine Australia had commenced operation. FremantleMedia Australia produced the MasterChef series in 2009, 2010 and 2011, as well as Celebrity MasterChef in 2009. All other series of MasterChef have been produced by Shine Australia. IF apologises for the error. 

Press Release from Kerryn Nelson

Avid products have been amongst the core ingredients contributing to the production success of MasterChef Australia since the show first launched on Australian screens in 2009. MasterChef production company, Shine Australia chooses to use Avid Media Composer, Symphony, ISIS 5000 and Pro Tools for the post-production pipeline for all MasterChef series.

To date, there have been 4 main Masterchef series (2009 to 2012), 2 Junior MasterChef programs, Celebrity MasterChef and the MasterChef Allstars, which is currently airing on the TV screens in millions of Australian households most weeknights. That’s nearly 400 hours of prime time television in just 4 years.

So, why use Avid for a fast paced, tight turnaround production like MasterChef?

“Avid is the only one on the market that manages media properly. It’s such a great integrated system that no matter what we throw at it, no matter what we try to get it to do, it will follow through without missing a beat to online and mastering. It’s the only solution that allows true sharing of products between editors and producers. The alternatives just can’t do what Avid’s systems can,” commented Scott Rowan, Director of Post Production and Technical Services, Shine Australia.

“Avid is the product that nearly all professional television editors and producers use. We only employ experienced creatives here, so they’re not going to use any product other than Avid. The strength of Avid’s media database allows for true collaborative workflow and high end media management. Avid is also the only editing system that offers any direct engineering support,” he added.

In addition to reality TV sensation MasterChef, Shine Australia is also known for the production of other reality TV hits such as The Voice, The Biggest Loser Australia, Beauty and the Geek, Location, Location, Location, Australia’s Next Top Model and more recently The Shire.

Shine Australia runs 100 Media Composer licences, 7 Symphony licences, 5 Pro Tools suites and 5 ISIS 5000 licences. The post-production facilities can be easily re-purposed for any new program that comes into the Shine Australia stable.

“We use Avid’s products as a fully scalable solution. We run some 100 licences and it just keeps growing. Making some of the larger shows for TV as we do would be simply impossible without the support of key collaborative partners and Avid has been a tent pole for us. Avid looks after the back-end and allows creative to make the best TV possible while still delivering on tight schedules,” Scott concluded.

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