Press release from Screenrights

Vivien Mason today won the $2500 Rights on Screen short film competition for her film, Masterpiece.

The competition, which was for a film of 2 minutes or less explaining what Screenrights does and why filmmakers should register, attracted a wide range of
entertaining and exciting entries.

Five films were shortlisted and viewed by a panel of industry leaders: Ian Collie (Essential Media & Entertainment), Brain Beaton (Artemis International), Melanie Coombs (Melodrama Pictures), Veronica Fury (Fury Productions), Megan McMurchy (SuitCase Films) and Tony Wright (December Films).

The judges described the winning entry as “very professional”, “clear and effective”, and “creative and original”. Screenrights will be posting Masterpiece and other finalists in the Rights On Screen competition on its Youtube channel:

Screenrights Chief Executive Simon Lake said the film was a humourous and effective way of reminding filmmakers that it was important to register for Screenrights royalties.

“Screenrights pays out over $25million a year to copyright owners. Registering titles with us as soon as you go into pre-production helps us get this money to the filmmakers as efficiently as possible,” he said.

Winning filmmaker Vivien Mason said: ““It was fun to have a really specific challenge to work on, I really enjoyed planning out the concept. I had my digital
camera and my computer. I animated basic stills and relied on sound to spell out the detail of each location and character. The actors are my friends and family, who over the years have become very tolerant of my crazy requests for help.”