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Louise McCrae is looking forward to her feature debut in Derek Erskine’s sexual thriller Tracy, set for release in late 2010.

The Melbourne-based actor plays the supporting lead in the dark and twisted story of a couple that become addicted to sexual killings following attempts to spice up their relationship.

McCrae, 25, said it was certainly very confronting at times. “They’re still filming the last scenes now but some of the ones I did were really confronting. I went away with my acting coach and worked really hard with him”, she explained.

The BAPA graduate, who also teaches drama at the Children's Performing Company of Australia, found the improvised nature of the scenes fascinating and enjoyable.

“Thematically the scenes were set but most of the dialogue was improv (sic). I’d like to do more improv (sic) stuff in the future and I’ve done some courses with Russell Fletcher”.

McCrae has previously graced the screen as a featured extra in the 2009 production of Knowing with Nicolas Cage and is set to begin filming her successive feature Peek A Boo, a psychological thriller set in rural Victoria.

The former dressage and showjumps competitor is also passing milestones away from the screen in live theatre as she aims to test herself in multiple genres. “I’m putting together a solo cabaret show for the (Melbourne) Fringe Festival called The Gift Horse".

"It’s very exciting because I’m driving the entire creative process, from the writing to the performances”, McCrae explained.

The talented actor is philosophical yet determined when talk of the future arises, and the inevitable proposition of joining the growing exodus of Australians working in the undisputed Mecca of the silver screen, Los Angeles.

“It’s always a prospect there in the distance, I guess”, McCrae muses when asked about plans to head overseas. “I’m just really keen to establish myself in Australia and gain as much experience as possible. At the moment I’m very focused on working in as many different genres and media as possible. But this is a very exciting time for me.”

Tracy is set for Australian release in late 2010 and is produced by Above and Beyond Pictures. For more information contact [email protected]

The Gift Horse will be performed from October 7-10 at the Butterfly Club, South Melbourne as part of the 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival. For more information, please visit


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