Me and My Monsters comes to Sydney

10 February, 2010 by IF

Press release from NSW Government

The NSW Government had provided incentive funding and support to secure production of a major international children’s television series for Sydney – Me and My Monsters – creating 100 jobs and considerable economic benefit to the State, Screen NSW Chief Executive Tania Chambers said.


Ms Chambers said the series will involve the world famous Jim Henson Company which produced The Muppets, as well as Tiger Aspect Productions, the company behind Mr Bean and the Vicar of Dibley and NSW producers Donna Andrews and Justine Flynn (Sticky Productions).

“This is yet another boost to the NSW film and television production industry and our State’s world class creative industries sector,” Ms Chambers said.

“The making of Me and My Monsters in Sydney will employ 100 cast and crew from NSW and use NSW visual and sound post-production facilities, consolidating Sydney’s reputation for world-class screen talent and facilities.

The series tells the story of The Carlson family who have recently relocated from Australia to a smart townhouse in the UK.  They picked their new home up for a knock down price, because, as it turns out, there are monsters in the basement. 

The youngest Carlson, Eddie, is the happiest boy in the world because of his naughty new friends who don’t think or behave like human beings. 

The drama mixes real life actors with three Henson-created puppet characters – the monsters Haggis, Norman and Fiend.   Currently Henson is building the three central puppet characters in the UK and casting for the actors is underway.
Ms Chambers confirmed that pre-production will start immediately with filming and post-production from May to November 2010.  The majority of the filming will be at Fox Studios.

“The Jim Henson Company (UK) will be sending a representative to Sydney to train puppeteers and puppet technicians in its world leading techniques, adding to the skills set of our screen technicians,” Ms Chambers said.

Ms Chambers said as well as immediate job and economic benefits, the winning of Me and My Monsters for Sydney will offer strategic opportunities to develop longer term relationships with Tiger Aspect.

“Co-productions currently offer the best opportunity for attracting international finance given that Hollywood studios are producing fewer films and keeping more production in the United States in the wake of the global financial crisis and a low US dollar.”

Andrew Zein, Tiger Aspect’s Managing Director said, “We are both excited and delighted to be working with The Jim Henson Company and Sticky Pictures on this fantastic project.  We can’t imagine anywhere better to be filming than in New South Wales with the support of the NSW government as a valued bonus”.

Donna Andrews, Sticky Pictures said, “We are grateful for the support given to Me & My Monsters by the NSW Government and look forward to producing a wonderfully entertaining series that children of Australia and from around the world will enjoy”.

Tania Chambers said that funding had been provided under the “Film and Television Industry Attraction Fund” to secure the series for NSW.