By Simon de Bruyn

Resolution Independent, the Melbourne-based production house behind upcoming horror film Storm Warning, is in the process of setting up its own distribution business that will see it partner with an exhibitor here in Australia and act as its own sales agent overseas.

Resolution Independent (RI) producer Pete Ford told Inside Film the company aimed to be a one stop shop for filmmaking, and this included distribution.

‘We are in the middle of doing a deal to self-distribute in Australia and want to represent our own films as sales agents. We’ve had a close look at it and figure we can do it as well, if not better,’ he said.

‘We also want to do a deal with a cinema chain. We started discussions three weeks ago with a few exhibitors, and we are interested to play around with the current theatrical release and DVD model to distribute our films.’

RI recently completed work on Storm Warning, which it produced in partnership with Arclight Film’s genre division, Darclight, and delivered it to the Weinstein Company for United States release.

Ford said that while Storm Warning had been sold to 19 territories worldwide, the underperformance of Greg McLean’s recent film Rogue at the Australian box office meant that its Australian theatrical release was still uncertain.

He confirmed RI has several projects in development, including a thriller called Hollow Point directed by Let’s Get Skase director Matthew George.

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