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From October 11 2010, Australia’s newest, purpose-built studio complex, Melbourne Central City Studios will be rebranded as Docklands Studios Melbourne.

Chief Executive Officer of Docklands Studios Melbourne, Rod Allan states of the rebranding, “Now is the right time to formally adopt the Studios’ commonly used name, which is widely accepted in the industry. Docklands Studios Melbourne is easy to remember and emphasises our unique and highly attractive location. We’re extremely excited about the future of the Studios and look forward to working with new and returning projects.”

The rebranding comes following the announcement of a $10 million Victorian Government investment into new infrastructure at the Studios. The plans for the Studios were unveiled after extensive review, industry consultation and the development of the long-term Future Directions Master Plan project for the Docklands site.

The Victorian Government’s Innovation Minister Gavin Jennings says, “Our $10 million investment in Docklands Studios Melbourne will develop a flexible and multi-use complex, creating an even more vibrant film and television hub for Victoria. The planned modifications look set to boost domestic television production levels, while keeping the Studios in the market for major domestic and international film projects.”

A technically advanced studio complex for local and international film and television production, the Studios are a flagship for the Australian film and television industry. Completed in 2004 as part of Melbourne’s Docklands re-development, the site comprises five purpose-built, state-ofthe-art sound stages, each with its own production offices.

Construction is set to commence in early 2011, with the modification of the existing Sound Stage 5 and improvements to the Studios’ workshop. The Victorian Government is also commissioning a feasibility study into building a horizon tank, such as that used to create films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Master and Commander.

Subject to Government budget approval processes following a positive business case evaluation, long term plans for the Studios under the Future Directions Master Plan include the:

• development of a large sound stage;
• construction of purpose built workshop and craft shop spaces;
• creation of mess hall facilities;
• provision of additional production office space;
• attraction of permanent commercial tenancies to the site.

As part of the rebranding of the Studios, a new logo has been created by a local Melbourne design agency to reflect the colourful and unique shape of the sound stage buildings – a highly recognisable aspect of the Studios. Since opening in 2004, productions that have used the Studios include: The Pacific, Where the Wild Things Are, Ghost Rider, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Knowing, Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Stories from Stephen King, Hating Alison Ashley, The Extra, Last Man Standing and Storm Warning.

This year the Studios has hosted Killer Elite, Winners And Losers, The Eye Of The Storm, As The Bell Rings, Talkin’ ‘bout your Generation, Australia’s Got Talent and Beat The Star, Last month filming wrapped on the much anticipated Australian Iron Chef series.

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