Metro Screen applauds its own

25 February, 2009 by IF

[press release from Metro Screen]

Metro Screen is proud that the top honours for both Tropfest and TropJr were awarded to Metro Screen assisted films.


Metro Screen plays a significant role in the Australian film industry by nurturing, and developing establishing filmmakers. Be My Brother Director Genevieve Clay, was produced through Metro Screen’s Jump Start funding grant and Dry Water: The making of Director Gabriel Colomb, was produced through our regular Young Filmmaker school holiday workshops.

"Metro Screen’s Jump Start subsidy provided us with the support and
resources to realise our film, which we are so delighted spoke to so many
people at Tropfest." Genevieve Clay [ABC employee]

“Metro Screen has helped me develop in my film interest and launch into the beginning of my film career. I would not be any where without them.” Gabriel Colomb

Both Genevieve and Gabe are Metro Screen regulars having worked on numerous films with members and students. Genevieve is a member of and student at Metro Screen and was recently accepted into our Raw Nerve mentorship. Gabe has attended five school holiday workshops.

Be My Brother and Dry Water’s wins provide the perfect stepping stone to further the budding careers of these talented Sydney filmmakers. With ongoing support of Metro Screen through funding, access to gear, mentorship and training both Genevieve and Gabe have clearly made a huge impression on both the screen industry and broader viewing community.

Its time to come and take advantage of what Metro Screen has to offer and start your career.