Screen education provider Metro Screen will fund and support 13 new films next year.

The funding, supported by Screen NSW and Screen Australia, will be available through three programs: First Break, Breakout, and Indigenous Breakthrough.

The programs are open to both experienced and emerging filmmakers, and submissions will be taken for drama, documentary, animation, TV pilots, experimental films, and transmedia projects.

An information session will be held on November 12 at the “How to make low budget filmmaking work for you” session at Metro Screen’s Open Day.

Ten films will be funded under the First Break program, which is designed specifically for emerging filmmakers. Selected applicants will receive a cash budget of $4000 and other incentives.

The Breakout program is designed for teams of experienced filmmakers and selected applicants will receive a cash budget of $15,000 for production and crew fees and other support.

The Indigenous Breakthrough program is designed for experienced filmmakers who identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander Australians. A cash budget of $22,000 for production and crew fees will be granted.

Metro Screen deliver screen education, production funding, industry networking, equipment and studio hire with post production services. The deadline for all applications is January 20, 2012.

For more information and to apply online, visit:

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