Miller confirms Mad Max could be shot in 2011

13 October, 2010 by IF

By Sam Dallas

Despite a delay hiccup, Mad Max: Fury Road will “definitely” still be shot in Broken Hill and could possibly start in 2011, director George Miller has confirmed.


Dr Miller confirmed to SMH the movie could be shot in the second half of 2011, rather than the following year.

It follows media reports from The Australian late last week.

The $100 million-plus movie will be filmed in full 3D using revolutionary new technology developed by Dr Miller, which was exclusively broken by INSIDEFILM in July this year.

Furthermore, Broken Hill City Council general manager Frank Zaknich said the media exposure was still proving to be helpful to the “Silver City”.

“Pre-production will continue in and around Broken Hill and the producers…intend to leave many of their assets here,” Zaknich said in a statement sent to INSIDEFILM.

“So, in effect, the decision to postpone filming means the pre-production crew will be here for an even longer period, continuing to generate more activity for the local economy."

The council indicated in their statement that the filmmakers would take up their lease on the new Broken Hill Film Studio precinct as originally planned.

“…It's full-steam ahead with the development of Australia’s fifth-biggest movie studio,” Council’s Community Development manager, Ms Andrea Roberts, said.