Press release by Miller Camera Support

Skyline – Take the Big Picture
To meet the new market trend of lighter weight sports and outside broadcast production needs, Miller Camera Support has unveiled a new 150mm ball base fluid head – Skyline 70 that supports a diverse choice of camera configurations up to 40 kg / 88 lbs.
Skyline 70 embraces easy-to-operate rear facing illuminated controls that brings the functionality and ergonomics to a new level. Features include 7-position pan and tilt drag, 8-position of selectable counterbalance, +90 degrees tilt, 120mm sliding quick release camera platform, mounting block / adaptors for accessories and safety tilt lock. The ergonomic design reflects the shooting needs of sports based configurations and outside broadcast operations using barrel or lightweight box lens with external viewfinders.

The Skyline 70 incorporates a totally new counterbalance system that provides 8 positions of adjustment to enable payloads from 4.5 kg to 37.5 kg / 10 to 82.5 lbs @ 150mm C of G to be perfectly balanced. With this extended range the Skyline 70 will accommodate a wide range of cameras in various configurations making it versatile for many applications.

Fluid Drag that Outperforms All the Competition
Miller engineers with over 50 years of experience in fluid drag technology understand the importance of perfect drag movement is vital for users to capture every moment and provide smooth movements, soft take offs, smooth stops with no over runs. The 7 position fluid drag system provides distinct levels of drag resistance that provide repeatable movements even in extreme temperature ranges. There is nothing as smooth as a Miller, the inventor of pan and tilt fluid drag technology.

3 Systems Suit all Applications
A variety of system packages are available, from the Heavy Duty 2-Stage Carbon Fibre tripod to Heavy Duty Single Stage Alloy tripod to studio based Heavy Duty Studio Alloy tripod, Skyline 70 systems are built with the strength, stability & rigidity to enable the user to always be in control especially in challenging shooting conditions.